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Formroom is a restaurant interior design agency that specialises in creating original, memorable spaces for F&B, hospitality and beyond. 

We work with our clients to unite brand, beautiful design and industry trends to create restaurant and hospitality experiences informed by consumer trends and insights and industry forecasting. We adapt our commercial knowledge and market research to every project, working with you to create a F&B environment, physical brand identity and unique world to evolve your brand. Uniting our 40+ years of industry and restaurant fit-out experience and our agency priority for trend analysis and future forecasting, We have designed from scratch and re-imagined spaces around the globe for restaurant experiences that are multi-sensory, original, immersive and memorable.

We want your restaurant project to be as unique as you, innovate in your space and push the boundaries of what’s possible for your business. In addition to single-site restaurant interior design concepts, we also offer blueprint design services which can be scaled and applied to multiple branches and new sites in the future, allowing consistency and brand impact for however you choose to expand.

We also understand that you might want to create a hybrid space – maybe something that lies between retail, brand space, restaurant or shop – whatever your vision looks like, we’d love to hear about it.

An insight-led strategy for unforgettable restaurant interiors

We carry out extensive insight and strategy for all our restaurant interior design projects, to make sure we truly understand each clients unique market and how we can create something unique that speaks directly to their audience. You can explore a few of our best loved restaurant design projects below.

Milk Train

Milk Train’s immersive restaurant design catered to the brand’s key Instagram demographic and matched its social footprint. Striving for balance, we were able to achieve this through four core pillars; Surreal, Timeless, British and Immersive.


Taking inspiration from the Roman origins of its name, Kailo’s interior boasted features such as a sweeping arched staircase and various service areas. By using 80% sustainable materials in our designs, we created a restaurant fit-out with direct parallels between the visual space and the brand’s mission – a primary focus in any of our restaurant fit-out projects.

Bread Lab

Bread Lab’s restaurant interior design combines a bakery aspect with a more high-end aesthetic, create a seamless space that felt local yet luxurious.

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As a restaurant interior design agency our design process focuses on creating 360 dining experiences for the contemporary (and future) consumer. Powered by in-depth cultural research, consumer insights and award-winning design we imagine and build restaurant designs all around the world. We’re based in London but can work anywhere.

If you have a restaurant or hospitality interior design or branding brief you want to discuss, want to learn more about us or just have a chat about the restaurant design landscape and where to begin, you can get in touch below.