We designed dog friendly Café, ‘Pawsitive’ as a recreational space for both dogs and humans with mental health in mind.

Pawsitive approached us wanting to create a unique café concept for our furry friends and their humans. Alongside the creation of the interiors, we designed both physical and digital assets for the Pawsitive brand.

It was important that Pawsitive celebrated and championed the positive mental health benefits of the dog/owner relationship, and encouraged sociability, play, relaxation and general wellbeing (for both parties!).

Insight & Strategy

We profiled  prospective customers, and examined both indirect and direct competitors in the dog friendly café world. From this, we were able to position Pawsitive as both a  brand and a destination to stand out and bring something unique to the London café scene. It was important for the space to be super shareable, distinctive, and tailored to a truly great experience for the target market – dogs (and the people who love them.) Another focus we developed with the client was how the space could promote mental health, and the powerful role of pets, sociability and relaxation in this mission.


Off the back of this unique space we identified for the brand, we wanted our interiors to be in equal measure fun, playful, calming, and contemporary. We used a soft palette of colours established to promote feelings of wellbeing and positivity, soft edges, curved forms and contrasting big, bold monochromatic prints.

We used light oak, monochrome terrazzo, brass, ribbed panelling and pastel leatherette to create a environment that is cosy, yet stylish and practical.

We created custom themed features such as illuminated signage, a tennis ball wall and cosy coves for furry visitors and great content opportunities.



To accompany the full interior design, we also developed a brand identity for Pawsitive. This included colour scheming, graphic design, tone of voice, and bespoke illustrations that are echoed throughout the interior and asset design, for a truly complete brand experience.