Formroom created a seamless intersection of tradition and luxury through a contemporary take on the bakery café concept.


The Bread Lab’s key goal was to articulate a contemporary take on the bakery café concept. For its location in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Bread Lab wished to use the traditional café concept and subsequently elevate it into a more luxurious aesthetic. Not only did they wish to capture the wave of contemporary hospitality design currently being seen across Saudi Arabia, they also wanted to maintain an authentic local identity.


Our design process began by considering every aspect of the customer journey, allowing for multiple zones of service and various seating arrangements based on different requirements.
The commercial design of Bread Lab’s space incorporates a blend of neutral tones and textures, all of which we sourced locally to minimise the carbon footprint of deliveries. Recycled leather and re-purposed stone are also used throughout the design.

The focal point of our design process was built around the titular ‘Bread Lab’, aiming to provide a sense of theatre. This feature houses the main oven and kitchen, surrounded by decorative cladding inspired by the bread panels used in the bakery. This is integrated with a warm lighting design.

Light textures of raw concrete and ribbed glass panels nod to an industrial aesthetic. Repurposed black and white speckled granite provides texture whilst considering the sustainability of the dominant material choices. Recycled leather seating and abundant biophilic design provide warmth and comfort throughout.

Amongst a blend of fixed banquette and floating seating, the elevated bed pads nod to a very traditional social seating arrangement in Riyadh. These are surrounded by raised half-walls and rattan screens, above which sits a bespoke lighting installation designed to mirror the dreamy starry desert skies when viewed from below.


Our design articulates Bread Lab’s intentions of creating a contemporary bakery and café with a feeling of luxury whilst maintaining its geographical qualities and the traditions which come with this. Our design ensures that customers are given a feeling of premium privacy whilst still being connected to the rest of the space.