Independent wine retailer, Pacific Wines, came to us for cohesive retail interiors and branding services that reflected the North American roots of their wines, and a sun-baked ode to a Californian way of life.

The client’s aim was to establish a unique venue, offering an open, relaxed atmosphere, evocative of the Californian atmosphere from which many of their wines originate. Earthy, sun-baked, and with a rich Californian soul and an ode to wide skies and barefoot living, paired with a host of contemporary design twists, our interiors simultaneously endeavour to reflect the sophistication and craftsmanship of the products on display.

The main retail space effortlessly unites form and function, featuring a statement undulating bottle display unit inspired by the rolling Californian hills, formed from light oak to compliment terracotta tiles below, and micro cement on the opposing wall for a fresh take on a rustic materials register. High stools encourage dwell, and open display encourages visitors to interact with the wine on display. In true Californian spirit, the space is kept flexible with stackable tables that can double as product display when not in use.  Simple, refined lighting amplify key design features, and cactus editions and hints of illumination sprinkle the space with personality.



” The dramatic wine retail wall rolls across the wall of the interior like the hills of the American wine regions, drawing visitors further into the space to bask in the glow of this little slice of American heaven in the middle of London.”

Emily Ditton, Head of Design


The primary area leads on seamlessly to a more intimate tasting and events space. Patterned glass imbues the space with soft and fractal light, and the soft wave format of the bottle display unit is reimagined above the central tasting table as a glass holder and a makeshift ‘chandelier’. Retail units take cues from domestic design throughout pacific wines, a reminder of friends, family and home being the perfect accompaniments to beautiful wine.

Raw and earthy textures, paired with intelligent design features gives Pacific Wines an impression of understated sophistication, and enables a sales culture of ease and Californian hospitality.


“The warm glow that would exude from the interior on a cold and dark night as you walk by should feel like it is inviting you into another world. I wanted there to be a level of escapism that came with entering the space.”

Emily Ditton, Head of Design


In addition to full interior design services, we were also asked to create Pacific Wine’s brand identity from scratch, including complete brand guidelines, tone of voice, digital, web, photography and social guidelines as well as colour palette, and a logo that incorporates both a stylish wine glass shape and the brand initials. We find that when brand and the physical spaces are closely aligned and have a symbiotic relationship, this makes for the best and most memorable retail.

Minimal with contemporary flair, the pacific wines logo is understated but impactful. We adopted fine-line illustrative motif across the assets for a visual style that, in keeping with the brand attitude, is informal yet clean. Taking from an earthy palette inspired by the variety of the wines themselves and the Californian earth, we worked with natural coloured card and paper as a basis for our packaging, accented with the brand colours.


“We wanted to design a brand that conveyed the product’s quality and the brand’s expertise but also allowed the customer to feel at ease to explore and be inspired.”

Emily Ditton, Head of Design