Hybrid wellness and retail spaces, paired with sustainable design, informed our project with Natural Vitality. The family-run Ecuadorian wellness brand sought to bring retail innovation and sustainable interior design to South America.


Working with Natural Vitality, we reimagined their stores as mixed-use spaces, offering a range of therapeutic products and therapies. This was part of their wider rebranding process, marking them as a contemporary figure within the wellness industry.


By examining both local and global competitors, we worked with Natural Vitality to identify a unique positioning space in the market. We wanted the brand experience to be a holistic one, underpinned by core values such as modern, smart and approachable.

Following Natural Vitality’s rebranding with contemporary and fresh qualities, we focused on natural and locally sourced materials that honour the brand’s Ecuadorian heritage and a mission of wholly sustainable interior design. This saw the addition of unpolished concrete, light wood, terracotta, rattan and tiling, which all come together to create a space which is both contemporary and welcoming, tranquil but inspiring. We used neutral palettes and earthy textures of plasterwork, black steel frame and brick to accent the fluid, multi-purpose space.


Our modern concepts and design process for Natural Vitality’s store repositioned the brand as a contemporary trailblazer within the realms of wellness.

“My experience working with FormRoom was formidable. The feedback in Ecuador has been outstanding – people have said that the design elevated the standards of retail spaces in the country.”

Andrea Pinto, Natural Vitality