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We offer office interior design services created to embody your brand, enhance wellbeing and elevate your business for the future of work.

As an interior design agency that caters to office design, we focus on reimagining office spaces to explore your business’s personality, values and the kind of work environment that’s right for you.  It is increasingly important that offices go above and beyond the traditional offering in terms of functionality and design to offer employees a truly enriching space and an exciting alternative to wfh practices, as well as a 360-degree lifestyle and meeting space. 

Our design practices aim to enhance the employee experience and amplify your company’s brand, values and culture. Building future-forward workspaces and enriching your company culture starts with an impactful and unforgettable office interior design concept.

Office Interior Design Driven By Insights, Strategy & Trends

Our process as office interior designers always begins with insights. Collecting relevant data allows us to develop an office fit-out that supports the company culture you are trying to promote. Using a range of tools, such as; market research, consumer insights, trend reports, experience mapping and spatial zoning, insight and strategy inform our design process at every stage. The entire concept of the working environment has changed drastically over the last few years. Post-pandemic, the identity of the office has evolved out of a need to accommodate new ways of working, one that is far more flexible in nature, humancentric, and heavily informed by technology.

Looking at emerging office design globally, we see spaces that harness the power of technology while striving to keep humans at the centre of the workspace. Sustainability, neurodiversity and hybrid working are at the forefront of new designs as many companies are transitioning their teams back into the office and prioritise culture, community and collaboration. It’s now more important than ever for brands to invest in office interior design that meets employees’ evolving needs and their individual ways of working to build workspaces that are both holistic and future-proofed.

Office Interior Designers For the Future of Work

At Formroom, we are continuously analysing the ever-changing cultural and commercial landscapes and the standards that new generations of businesses are setting when designing workspaces. Our 360 approach as office interior designers gives us the scope and insight to create office spaces that truly cater to contemporary and future employees. As working environments become increasingly automated, we aim to design human-centric office spaces with innovative interior designs that promote collaboration, productivity and positivity and express your brand and company values at every turn. 

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