4 Of Our Favourite Office Interior Design Projects

From wellness oriented design to collaborative spaces, we look at how office interior design is shaping the future of work.

We are seeing a massive shift in favour of a prioritisation of innovative office interior design.

Companies of all sizes – from small independent social hubs to multinational corporations – are transforming their work environments as a tool to increase productivity and achieve organizational goals.

Why are office interiors important?

Several studies suggest creating a vibrant, productive workplace has become the difference between retaining top talent. While catering to the working habits of employees, office interior design also sets the tone for a business, the professionalism and success during client visits.

We look at companies who recognise that office design does really matter when measuring staff wellbeing, happiness and productivity.

(Image source: Dezeen)

Office Feng Shui

Glossier have redesigned their Soho headquarters to improve the office aesthetic and function. The popular, minimalist design showcases the breath-taking effect of ‘less is more’.Glossier’s pastel hues give the interior a calming, yet charming ambience. The red, beige and ice-cream pink palette also mirrors company branding. While cleverly installed lighting situated within the beams adds to the homely feel.The indoor plants combined with retro furniture achieved an eclectic and contemporary office space. The space is accessorised with peace lilies, which are known for their air purifying qualities. The use of plants in the workplace also contributes to a balance in Feng Shui, health and wellbeing.

Arcadia Office, London (Image: Elliottwood)

Inspirational & Practical

Arcadia’s headquarters convey a contemporary sense of professionalism. Their dynamic and progressive company culture is reflected through minimal design and complex architectural structure. Geometry plays a large part in the designs, evident through simple parallel lines, strip lights, a three-story floating spiral staircase and a cross-hatch skylight in the central hub of the office.

Natural tones and materials work to reflect conscious living and provide a social, yet professional environment. According to a recent study by the University of California, we are open to distraction every three minutes, consequently affecting our ability to maintain a constant level of focus, suggesting that employees should be provided with multiple alternative spaces to work in. Arcadia appear to have taken this into consideration when designing their central hub as a place to go and discuss work in a more relaxed, informal and pleasant setting.

Apple Park, California (image credit: Dezeen)

Embody Your Brand

Apple’s new £3.6 billion campus takes contemporary interior design and premium aesthetics to a whole new realm. Keeping simplistic design at heart, Apple applied a neutral palette and industrial materials including steel and glass. This combined advanced architecture to achieve a professional but tranquil environment for their employees.

A combination of lines and a gradient of reflection has been used to create a perfect rectangular walkway down to a glass view point of the gardens. Although the design is aesthetically pleasing, Apple’s office design denotes a sense of a white cube art gallery rather than a practical working space. For many this is workplace design at its best, an office space designed to reflect the needs of the business and the brand’s intentions.

Beza Projekt Co-Working Space, Warsaw (Image credit: Dezeen)

Office Design Meets Wellness

Turquoise elicits emotions of peace, calm and tranquillity, reducing mental stress and tiredness. The Beza Projekt in Warsaw has used a colour palette that aims to boost concentration and confidence as well as heightening creativity and the ability to multi-task.

The complementary mix of turquoise, rose gold and natural plants paired with retro office furniture provides the perfect social hub for professionals and students to use as a relaxed working environment.  Colour in the workplace not only affects mood and productivity, but it can also affect how the business is perceived by visitors. Choosing an appropriate colour scheme plays a vital role in how the company is evaluated.


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