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Formroom are hotel interior designers that create not just spaces, but entire brand worlds for the contemporary traveller. Based in London, we work globally on projects engineered for the future of hospitality.

We are committed to creating designs that are experimental, immersive, and truly memorable. We work closely with our clients, taking time to understand their unique brand identity and the kind of guest experience you want to create. As a 360 brand and design agency, our process includes an in-depth insight and strategy phase that helps us position your brand best within a crowded market.

When it comes to designing hotel interiors, we get that these spaces can be anything from an escape, a retreat, showstopper, or a luxurious haven—all achieved through smart, thoughtful and inspired interior design. Our focus is on collaborating with you to bring out and explore the unique aspects of your brand and hospitality offerings.

We are experts in hospitality design, having executed award winning designs across the globe. We have worked on projects for Hilton, ME hotels and a multitude of boutique and independent hospitality offerings.

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Hotel Interior Designers for the Future of Hospitality

In a world where the concept of hotel stays is rapidly evolving, as hotel designers it’s crucial that we remain at the beating heart of design, culture, and consumer expectation.

When creating memorable hotel interiors, guests should feel as though they are stepping into a space that tells a story at every turn. Our designs go beyond aesthetics; they create an atmosphere that sparks emotions and forges lasting memories. The modern traveller seeks more than just comfort—they expect an immersive journey.

We pride ourselves on originality and boldness. Our designs aim to challenge industry norms and borrow from the best of hospitality, retail and domestic and commercial design to create something new. Your brand isn’t just seen; it’s felt.

If you’re tired of the same old, we’re here to offer spaces that redefine expectations. From unique concepts to execution, our team is driven by the desire to transform your hotel into a destination that explores your values in a new way.

Let’s collaborate to turn your hotel into a destination that guests won’t just visit, but will remember. Let’s connect and make your hotel or hospitality an unforgettable world.

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Hotel Interior Design to Build Your Brand World

We would love to work with you on your hotel interior design project. Our services span consultation, strategy, design, project management and production – with packages designed to suit your needs.

Our hotel design services are based in London, but we work globally.

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