2024: Trend Predictions

We rounded up the defining trends for 2023, so we’ve shortlisted some of the trends we think will be big in the worlds of retail, hospitality and brand behaviour in a (probably wildly unpredictable) 2024.

So, what are the key foundations for our 2024 trend predictions?

We’ve seen a rise in the value of cultural credentials when it comes to brands, with the rise of exhibitions and artist collaborations – framing cultural status as the ultimate goal.

With unrest and crisis around the world, and an increased sense of emotion and need for empathy, more human colours are on the rise – shades like red, earthy tones and Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘peach fuzz‘.

Being served products and new brands through advanced algorithms online is almost undetectable, and mostly very accurate. But what does this mean for physical retail?

In a world where anyone can make anything – concept is king.

Let’s dive in.

Expect more events and pop-ups in museums and cultural spaces, collaborations with galleries and introducing art and artefacts into store environments in the spiralling quest for authenticity and meaning. Culture X Retail is the new Hospitality X Retail.

Heard of Frutiger Metro? Frutiger Aero? Corporate Grunge? Liminal space? Indie sleaze? in the pursuit of individuality, brands lean into nostalgic, but untapped aesthetics from the recent past.

As brands lead with personality, more abstract partnerships emerge – think Vivienne Westwood X Claridge’s: an F&B experience, but hosted and styled with the unique attitude of the Vivienne Westwood brand.

the colour red is key in our 2024 trend predictions

The colour of action, expression and passion (+ the antithesis of ‘sad beige’), alongside more emotive palettes. We want drama.

Brands are desirable for their cultural significance and values over price point. The luxury market is increasingly reframed as a set of attitudes and philosophies as touched on by Pharrell Williams, newly appointed creative director of Louis Vuitton.

One of our 2024 trend predictions includes hyper-local algo rhythmic targeting

Targeted ads on Instagram have got us down to a tee – expect physical pop-ups and concessions to double down on profiling based on where you go, where you live, and where you shop.

Diversity, experimentation, variety and eccentricism. Whatever the opposite to generic is + whatever these shoes are.

Over-consumption, excess production waste, single use materials and private jets are out (we hope).

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