2023 Design Trends

It’s been another weird year.

2023 design trends have seen collaborations spanning industries from fashion to fast food, the rise of Midjourney and AI assisted design, “quiet luxury” and destination pop-up mania. We take a look back at our take on 2023’s biggest design & commercial trends:

2023 design trend - materiality

1. Hypermateriality

Inflatables, squishy pop-ups and super shiny surfaces – texture was one of the leading design trends in 2023.

2023 design trends - cgi marketing

2. CGI Marketing

Faux production stunts like driving handbags from Jacquemus, eyelashes on a tube from Maybelliene, a giant bra from Alexander Wang and more had comment sections in chaos.

Exhibitions were a key 2023 design trend

3. Brand Exhibitions

Brands from high end fashion giants such as Gucci and Cartier, to household names like L’oreal embrace new horizons, putting their archives on show in new cultural and educational territories.

You can read our review of the Gucci Cosmos exhibition and how it explores 2023 design trends here.

Collaborations were a key commercial trend for 2023

4. Collab, collab, collab

Propelled by high profile fashion collaborations from previous years and the wake of the Barbie movie, with Pokémon X Van Gogh museum marking the fever pitch of cross cultural and industry collabs.

Quiet luxury was a trend that defined 2023

5. Quiet Luxury

Succession, Sofia Richie’s wedding and a rejection of hyper consumerism propelled our love of rattan to new heights. Logo’s were out and slightly more covert displays of ultra wealth were in, with ‘quiet luxury’, ‘stealth wealth’ and ‘old money aesthetic’ trending across social media.

2023 hospitality design trend

6. Luxury Brand Experiences

Beach club and destination pop-up *frenzy*, and experience, experience, experience are the ultimate objective for luxury brands for 2023. An oversaturation of digital content, product available and convenience led brands to compete on the only thing that can’t be reproduced – experience.

7. Midjourney Design

Need we say more.

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