Contemporary Interior Trends in Hotel Design

Interior design studios are creating award winning layouts across both hostel and hotel projects. With sustainable co-working spaces, striking lobby areas and modern architectural builds, contemporary designs are aimed to accommodate all travellers.

We reflect on emerging trends from the world of contemporary design within the hotel space.

Moxy Hotel Chelsea: botanical-inspired design

Earlier this year, Yabu Pushelberg teamed up with Rockwell Group to create Moxy Hotel Chelsea in New York. The space leans heavily on inspiration from the infamous surrounding Chelsea Flower Market. A lobby space is the first opportunity for the guest to immerse with the botanical, contemporary design that runs paramount through the project. A functioning independent florist stall acts as the initial entrance, with neon lights and floating desks overhead to embody their vision of an overgrown jungle. The botanical design continues to bloom throughout, with vast windows exposing a three-story vertical garden flowing in the co-working and lounge space.

Hotel Paradiso: most instagrammable hotel

It’s no secret brands and retail spaces are leaning towards an ‘Instagrammable’ approach to their design and experiences, and Hotel Paradiso have certainly taken emerging consumer trends to new heights with their boutique hotel located in Ibiza.

With travellers flocking to Ibiza with photo opportunities on their mind, Spanish interior design company Ilmiodesign created a playful composition that would embody experience with aesthetic. Art-deco inspired candy colours compliment the rooms with minimalist furniture that allow the art to do the talking, creating an obvious backdrop for photo moments.

Devoted to their passion for showcasing art, in a Tracey Emin like installation, designers created a transparent, glass enclosed bedroom for special guests. A novelty and unique experience, it’s a collaboration of confessional art, interior and customer experience to create a deeper sense of ‘brand love’ for their guests.

Can Marti: sustainable hotel design

Can Marti, a refurnished white-washed villa in Ibiza, is designed with sustainability at its core. With 400 years of history, the modern interior compliments the natural elements from the sites origins. Lush greenery and wooden pine surrounds are reflected within the organic interior. The environmentally-friendly hotel gives guests the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with the resort; when guests sense a shared value to their own beliefs they subconsciously feel a sense of loyalty. An essential element of a successful design that will attract returning guests.

The Hilton: whimsical hotel interior

When FormRoom was asked to create a ‘Business spa’ alongside That Group for The Hilton, Bournemouth. Applying 40 years of experience in hotel design, we combined whimsical office equipment such as typewriters and retro stationary with functional, contemporary meeting spaces that would enhance productivity and capture everyday business needs. With several rooms to design, each space focused on a unique theme; 60’s pop-art, cult TV shows and a 30’s inspired art sculpture gave each element a bespoke feature. From research and insight, initial concept and installation, the hotel design project continues to make a lasting impression on The Hilton hotel guests.

The Passenger Hostel: minimalist design

Luxury doesn’t have to stop if budgets are compromised. We’re seeing more hostels than ever before showcasing contemporary, minimalistic design without lacking historic cues and details. Hundreds of beautifully designed rooms are now more accessible and The Passenger Hostel, located in Porto within Sao Bento train station demonstrates a juxtaposition of travel with home comforts, history with modernity.

The Passenger Hostel boasts periodic details such as ceilings and archways with contemporary sharp lines and finishes. Taking advantage of minimalistic fixtures, designers have been able to create an illusion of greater space to create a luxury stay for every guest.

Hotel Interiors at Formroom

FormRoom works within the hospitality and retail space to craft beautiful interiors and experiences for venues to enrich their brand loyalty with both new and returning customers. From brand identity, initial concept and installation we work with brands worldwide to create industry firsts and award-winning designs.

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