When should brands use tech in retail?

when should brands use retail tech?

Lots of brands want tech driven, digitally enhanced environments when it comes to their physical stores. But when does tech in retail really make sense?

It’s easy to understand why – brands want to connect with digitally native consumer groups, and make their online and IRL presence feel cohesive – as well as position themselves as innovative and future forward.

However, sometimes digital elements can feel clunky, or like an afterthought – is another iPad or LCD screen really adding anything to the experience? It might even be detracting.

Here’s our checklist of when retail tech works best.

When it actually innovates.

Automated in store gait analysis and foot scans recommend the best product for ON running customers. This is a great example of retail tech truly offering another layer of service.

When it propels the brand mission.

Third space wants to ‘inspire their members to be their personal best’. Bespoke tech like air purification and progress tracking supports this mission of optimisation at every turn – the in-house tech directly contributing to each members self improvement.

When it truly elevates the experience.

Is the experience truly enhanced with the addition of digital elements? Or is it detracting? The Gucci Cosmos exhibition used digital to go from absorbing to showstopping.

When it adds something unique.

Digital art or installation can add something truly special in it’s own right. Lexus and random studio created this digitally enhanced art piece to add a conceptual moment.

When it’s simple – but effective.

The latest in AR, VR or AI isn’t always needed to create beautiful, immersive digital-led environments. Light, sound and colour can be just as effective when making an impact – and feeling futuristic.

When it makes things easier.

It streamlines the customer experience and removes pain points – we designed these aesthetic, integrated booking and check in digital kiosks within our blueprint design for Townhouse salons.

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