We specialise in immersive pop-up design for retail, hospitality, and brand activations.

Pop-up shops are non-permanent retail and brand spaces for delight and discovery. They are fantastic ways to gauge markets’ responses to new brands and products, and create meaningful, emotional and IRL connections with current and new consumers.

As purely digital branded content becomes increasingly oversaturated, Pop-up shops for brands are a great way to stimulate awareness and boost consumer engagement. They are temporary spaces for discovery and delight that are designed to amplify your brand in an immersive, engaging way.  Our team of experienced designers and strategists will work with you to design and create a custom pop-up experience to target and engage your audience, boost brand awareness and drive sales for both existing and new customer bases.When executing interior designs for pop-up shops, our focus lies in constructing an IRL experience that adds new dimensions to traditional retail experiences and online shopping. Bringing your brand into the physical world as a space that can be explored and discovered by consumers is vital for any business looking to connect with customers in a meaningful, liveable way. Pop-ups are also a great way for businesses to reap the benefits of physical retail without the commitment to a permanent space.

Creating memorable, shareable and original pop-up shops for brands driven by a deep understanding of your brand and market is where we specialise. We work to bring your vision to life or guide you in constructing one to ensure your pop-up shop aligns with your business goals and speaks directly to your audience. Pop-ups are a relatively low-risk and low-cost option for companies to enter into a new market or launch a new product or brand that may lead to changed consumer habits.

Some of Our Pop-Up Design Projects

From Magnum to Charlotte Tilbury and JW Anderson X Converse to hospitality pop-ups for major chains such as ME Hotels, our pop-up design experience spans global brands from F&B to beauty. Whatever the brand, our focus is always on bringing brand stories to life through pop-up shop design in a way that caters to the constantly shifting needs of today’s consumers and spotlights brand awareness for tomorrow’s.

As an insight-led agency, when formulating interior designs for pop-up shops, we research, strategise and innovate to imagine the best possible concepts for your brand.

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With 40+ years of experience, here at Formroom we are experts in crafting customer journeys and designing visually impactful retail experiences across the globe. We’ve worked on major roll out projects, and flagship store designs for some of the most prestigious retail destinations and brands in the world. If you are thinking of starting the journey to your first pop-up shop design, or you’re looking to launch a new pop-up strategy, we’d love to hear from you.