The London pop up project was an exploration of design facilitating escape.

As the interior designers and principal contractors of this project, our aim was to work in harmony with the exterior of the space, which was principally designed by Henning Larsen Architects. Positioned at Observation Point on the Southbank, the cube was a feature of the London Design Festival 2021.

A large focus was placed upon utilising natural daylight, fresh air and ambient sound to create an environment of calm and mindfulness, facilitated by Velux window design.

Featuring a formation of mirrored glass to bounce the daylight around the space and create a kaleidoscopic, surreal sensory experience, our interior was designed to appear seamlessly with the pre-existing exterior design. The immersive interior is enhanced by an original ambient soundtrack inspired by the sounds from nature composed by Kasper Bjørke. The installation is designed to be dismantlable and mobile, allowing the concept to be a truly fluid one. 

Stepped plinths with reflective tops are mirrored and allow for unexpected product display, while the use of floating frames and vinyl creates the illusion of depth and play with form. The secondary window focuses on the illusion of depth and glorification of products, using various-sized frames and mirrors. Sky print and reflective floating podiums created an illusion of products floating in the air.

As part of its commitment to a negative carbon position, sustainability was of paramount importance for the brand, with all elements designed to be reusable following the Southbank installation. The primary structure was constructed with pre-fabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT), a renewable green material.

Formroom also provided the brand with a calculation of the carbon emissions required for production, allowing Velux to offset this via their established initiatives.

All images and media kindly provided with permission by Velux, in partnership with image maker George Kroustallis.