Charlotte Tilbury Retail Design Captures the Glamour and Opulence of The Art Deco Era

Following the success of our work for Charlotte Tilbury retail design on their De Bijenkorf and Selfridges concessions, FormRoom were invited to work on the brand’s new Glasgow and Belfast concession spaces.

“Each chandelier made for Charlotte Tilbury’s retail design is bejewelled with drop gems to capture the glamour and opulence of the art deco era”

In keeping with the brand’s Boudoir aesthetic, we re-created our original palm tree chandeliers in actual copper, rather than being treated to have a rose gold finish. Each chandelier is bejewelled with drop gems to capture the glamour and opulence of the Art Deco era – a key theme in Charlotte Tilbury retail design.

The palm tree chandeliers act as centrepieces of the banquette seating areas of each concession and provide a point of focus for customers. FormRoom were also commissioned to reinterpret the original banquette seating palms into hanging chandeliers. Having recognisable, distinct interior features can help with consistency and brand fluidity across multiple sites – and have now become a iconic part of charlotte tilbury retail design.


Leading with trends and social behaviours to turn a one-dimensional idea into a 360 space is a goal we strive to achieve. Our experience has led to a compact approach to designing interiors that works alongside your brand’s original personality but also brings it to a sense of evolution, and it is this that roots our reputation as a leading retail design agency in London.

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