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Retail Design Blog is a platform curated to show the best of architect, design and visual merchandising. Picking up on our Jack The Clipper project, Retail Design Blog commented on how we incorporated the story of Jack The Clipper in a contemporary and authentic way. With exciting visual cues and a Victorian industrial theme, the design and build was executed with artistic flare.

Jack The Clipper flagship barbershop by FormRoom, London.

Tasked with creating the new design blueprint of the Jack The Clipper store, our challenge was to ensure that the concept felt luxurious and original; whilst invoking the story of Jack The Clipper in a contemporary and authentic way.

“The rich narrative of the Jack The Clipper brand allowed the FormRoom design team to bring several exciting visual cues into the store concept,” the publication commented. “Brass piping details are utilised throughout the space, across windows, walls and the ceiling, referencing the industrial design of the victorian era.”

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