Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Winner Interview

2019 – Restaurant & Bar Design Awards / Winners Interviews
David Rhys Roberts / Managing Director / FormRoom
Winning Project: Milk Train
Winning Category: UK Cafe


How does it feel to be a Restaurant & Bar Design Awards winner?

It’s a professional dream come true. Something we’ve been working towards as an agency for a long time, so it’s great to finally feel like we’ve earned our place in the industry.

The awards represent the very best in our profession, so it’s a wonderful feeling to be amongst our design heroes from across the world.

What do you think made your project win?

Milk Train has been a really special project for us, as the client gave us their trust and respect to be creative and playful. The design itself borrows heavily from familiar cues in the art deco movement or transport architecture but we always aim to give it a twist, so that it feels contemporary and exciting. I think the space perfectly represents the brand and the product (ice cream) in that it provides an escape from reality, even if just for a moment.

What are your plans for the near future in terms of Food & Beverage space design?

Being part of the awards has given us more exposure than ever to new clients, so we’re currently working on a variety of different spaces internationally. I think clients come to us when they want to create a space which is impactful and engaging in their market, so we’re constantly working to evolve what that means to different audiences.

Creating shareable spaces is important for the commercial needs of our client’s but this isn’t just about the Instagram generation, it’s about creative considered design which leaves an impression on the people who experience it.

We work across multiple sectors, so we’re also helping our clients in the retail and commercial industries explore how F&B spaces can enhance brand experience in new and exciting ways.