Interiors Trend Report 2019/20

WGSN x eporta unveiled this year’s Interiors Trend Report; a collection of trends pulled together from months of research in trade shows, industry news and everyday life; all backed up by data from eporta platform.

The report explores a diverse range of design influences, from the element that sustain us to the common ground multicultural mixes and the playfulness of childhood. The multitude of trends within this guide represents both the turbulent times we live in, and the human desire to find a balance between beauty, sustainability, and business.

Within one trend, “Child’s Play” brought to light in the report, eporta features our playful, dream-like interior for Milk Train. We explore the undeniably bold and quintessentially befitting projects in this category.

Child’s Play

We could all do with a little bit of laughter in our lives through these tumultuous times, and luckily some designers are walking on the brighter side of life. Playful schemes brimming with quirky shaped furniture, full spectrum colour and a massive sense of humour are giving us the spoonful of sugar we need to help the medicine go down. Come to think of it, could Disney rebooting all it’s originals in live action have us reliving our childhood?

Hospitality is benefiting from this growing demand for fun and games reminiscent of our childhoods. Competitive socialisation has rapidly grown in popularity over the last two years, Savills recently noted that brands are growing and independents in the arena are doing well. So, expect sites that resemble the inner workings of Willy Wonker’s imagination popping up in the city near you.

1. Milk Train, London, UK

This ice-cream parlours designed for the ‘Instagram Generation,’ it’s surrealist, youthful and quintessentially British aesthetic offers a moment of childlike escapism.

Neobio Family Park, Hangzhou, China

This restaurant looks as though its been plucked from a child’s imagination. Booth play area and luxury dining experience, this immersive creation speaks to the child in all of us, young or old.

Credit: X+Living

Unova Co-Working Space, Shenxhen, China

Who says work has to be boring? Meeting in a ball pit anyone? This work hard, play hard office space offers a colourful, child-like take on the working environment while delivering functionality.

Credit: X+Living