Food and Beverage Industry Trends

What’s next for the food and beverage industry? Our restaurant and café designers weigh in on the trends that are leading the momentum of food and drink innovation this year.

With the ever-shifting behaviours, interests and needs of customers, the food and beverage industry trends have followed suit to meet the customer demands and satisfy their taste-buds. From innovations in ingredients, technology and service, through to unique collaborations, this year is shaping up to be an exciting year for foodies.

Here are some of the most intriguing trends that we expect to fill your social feeds.

Experiential Dining

Looking for more than just a meal? Perhaps an immersive experience where you’re part of the act?

This culinary experience has since been coined “experiential dining” or “experiential hospitality” amongst the industry. A term defined as ‘a focus beyond good food and beautiful décor to deliver multisensory experiences.’

With a more discerning clientele, restaurant operators are in the fight to serve up unique dining experiences. We are seeing a rise in pop-ups which create a sense of urgency and exclusivity as well as the ‘escape room’ that combines food, drinks and puzzles.

75% of people said that they are generally willing to pay more for unique and cultural dining experiences.  –  Eventbrite

Experiential Rooftop Bar

For one dining experience hailed ‘unlike any other you’ll find in London’ by The Foodholic, Après with a View brought together the ultimate alpine rooftop experience at ME Hotel to launch the festive season in the exclusive Radio Rooftop bar. With the iconic London skyline set as the backdrop, guests were welcomed by custom ski lift passes before arriving at three fully-fitted cable car installations – transforming the city rooftop to the alpine slopes of Courchevel.

The Rise of the Food Halls

Offering global cruisines and bustling atmosphere, it’s no surprise food halls have had a new lease on life as part of the new dining experience.

For Londoners, the variety of dining has grown with ‘foodie theme parks’ including Borough Market, Mercato Metropolitano and Pergola springing back into our top locations for food, drinks and good vibes.

As part of the attraction, food and drink operators can use food halls as a test before committing to a permanent store.

Each visit is a new experience with global cuisine.

Delivery Robots

Ordering food online? It can now be a short roll away thanks to the latest innovation in delivery robots. Postmates have unveiled a fleet of delivery robots—named Serve— who join a small-but-growing number of automated couriers to cut costs and speed up deliveries. The robots operate with cameras, Lidar to navigate and turn indicators to trundle down the sidewalks of major cities with ease and little pedestrian obstruction.

Worried about food theft? Easily avoided – customers will be able to unlock the robot’s cargo hatch using their mobile phone or a pass code. The robot can also collect and deliver food in a radius of 25 miles on a single charge. What’s not to like.

At present, Postmates has only stated that the robot will be released in Los Angeles but plans to launch globally if successful.

Digital Detox

Feeling overloaded or distracted in our ultra-connected society? Looking for an escape from smartphones or other digital disturbances? Fortunately, initiatives have emerged to help regain the simple pleasures of a conversation without unhealthy interference.

The food and beverage industry have tapped into this observation and numerous restaurants are advertising their experiences as a ‘digital detox.’ Five restaurants in London alone request customers to leave their phones in secure lockers upon entering the establishment.

For one, books of poetry are readily available for an evening of fine dining and beautiful sonnets.

Food for Thought

Chicken shop, Mother Clucker and cosmetic brand, Benefit Cosmetics have recently launched a collaborative five-day pop-up in London. An unusual collaboration or perhaps a match made in heaven?

Bringing together the best of beauty and food combined with a reto-style yellow and pink aesthetic created an Instagrammable pop-up location.

Upon arrival, customers can order their food and experience a full makeover by Benefit Cosmetics as part of their new dramatic and high definition eyeliner launch. The pop-up used clever slogans which connotate towards the food and beauty brands such as ‘JUST Wing IT’ to advertise their event.

Customers will be able to order a serving of fried chicken while receiving a consultation from one of the brand’s advisors.  –  Cosmetics Business

Cafe and Restaurant Interior Design

We’re seeing community spaces, adventurous cuisine experiences, unusual collaborations and exciting advancements in food technology.

While restauranteurs are raising the bar to meet the the evolving needs and wants of today’s customers with unique and immersive dining experiences, it’s vital for other food operators to remain well-adept to these trends.

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