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We create bar interior designs that spark emotional engagement, shareability and influence us to return again and again.

Formroom brings big, bold, unique and modern concepts to spaces created for escapism and interaction. When it comes to our bar interior design work, we focus on original interior designs for bars that are memorable, shareable and create the best possible environment for your customers to enjoy your unique brand world and offering. Through the creation of beautiful, memorable spaces through interior design for bars and hospitality spaces, we want to work with you to evolve your brand, and truly bring something new to the ever-evolving, always exciting space of hospitality and F&B.

Our design approach across our bar interior design projects is one that reflects the brand’s deeper values and company mission, informed by insights, trends and extensive industry research. We work with your brief, core brand values and commercial objectives alongside in-depth market analysis, trends and market behaviours – how can we create a transportive experience that engages and makes us want to share it with others.

We understand that bars and hospitality spaces are the ultimate venues for escapism, relaxation and experimentation, and want to work with you to bring your unique world to life, informed by the most relevant market and cultural research and best design practices.

Explore Some of Our Bar Interior Design Projects


Kailo combines the very best of F&B in a dramatic, unforgettable interior based on the 3 core principles of Quality, Mindfulness and Transparency which is reflected in all touch-points, from the restaurant menu to the interior architecture which takes cues from ancient and classical design and architectural styles.

Bread Lab

Bread Lab’s key goal was to articulate a contemporary take on the bakery café concept. For its location in Riyadh, Bread Lab wanted to elevate the traditional café & non alcoholic beverage bar concept to a more luxurious aesthetic. Not only we want to capture the wave of contemporary hospitality design currently being seen across Saudi Arabia, we also worked together to maintain a unique, highly local identity.

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When it comes to elevating or re-imagining your space, we aim to be the bar and f&b design agency that truly spends time to understand your market, your brand and the latest innovations and trends in the industry and beyond.

Our experience in creating memorable interior designs for bars and all kinds of f&b businesses is what we believe makes us a great design partner for brands looking to innovate and elevate. We always look to bring the most original, bold and innovative concepts to life through designs that unite form and function to bring your customers the ultimate hospitality experience.

Formroom’s interior designs for bars are informed by cultural research, industry analytics and our own creative flair that intends to connect with everyone who engages with your brand. If you’d like to learn more about how we work, discuss a brief or just have an initial conversation about where to start, we’d love to hear from you.