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Discover our window design work, underpinned by 40 years of experience and inspired by the latest in trends and innovative tech.

Post pandemic, IRL shopping is back like never before. Retail window displays are often the first point of impact between a store and audience and are a key aspect of visual merchandising and retail design strategies to deliver theatre and delight to IRL shopping. Our 40+ years of experience in window display design and production allows us to work with our clients to create window display ideas and designs  to spotlight campaigns and product in creative, original and unexpected ways.

As a retail window display agency, we use tools such as; industry insights, 3D visualisation, market research and more to develop bespoke installations for a wide range of briefs and clients globally. Formroom has specialised in extraordinary window display ideas and designs since 1979, making our breadth of experience combined with our future-focused outlook a great fit for any brand looking to innovate in this space. 

We have the capacity to work on one-off conceptual window displays, as well as producing scalable, versatile blueprint designs for large scale or international rollouts. 

Some of Our Window Display Design Work

Fortnum & Mason

Our enigmatic windows for Fortnum & Mason explore liminality, materiality and the atmospheric change that comes with the shifting seasons and the passing of time. From an oil painting that transitions from the artistic realm to the physical, a crystal chandelier condensing into a pool of liquid, and 3m tall tree breaking through the walls and floor of the storefront, this project had demanding technical production requirements combined with a level of artistic sensitivity and execution level fit for one of London’s most prestigious retailers.


Inspired by shards of ice and fresh springs of flowing water, the display combines illumination, reflection, abstraction and geometry paired with regally opulent motifs such as oversized hammered gold crowns and stacks of plush velvet cushions in shades of blue.

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As a window display design agency, our insight and strategy led design process exploring trends and cultural shifts and brand positioning is an integral part of our process which we bring to every project. Our 40+ year experience working with brands across the world gives us the range and knowledge to execute a wide variety of window display ideas and briefs for a wide range of clients.