Hotel Interior Design

At Formroom, we create insight led hotel interior designs that strive to be experimental, immersive and unforgettable for a new generation of traveller.

Based in London, our mission is to be hotel interior designers for the future of hospitality – whatever that looks like. Led by internally researched trend and market analysis, we work with our clients to establish and amplify their brand identity and the kind of experience they want their guests to have. 

When creating hotel interior designs, we know that they can be spaces for anything from escapism, intimacy, memory-making and luxury to convenience through clever design. Working with you to express and explore your brand and your unique hospitality offering is a priority for us when working with our hotel and hospitality clients.

We Are Hotel Interior Designers Driven By Insights

When it comes to hotel interior design, it’s vital to consider the trends developing in our wider culture. While some hospitality benchmarks stay pretty consistent over time, more nuanced consumer expectations are evolving and developing over time. That is why we emphasise a focus on detailed market research and future forecasting when approaching any hotel design project. 

Understanding where your brand fits within the hotel space and what makes the experience of staying in your establishment unique is fundamental to the design process. Who is the current consumer? Who is the target consumer? What kind of experience do you want to create for your guests? How are your brand values communicated through the design? What does the future of the hotel industry look like for your market? These are the questions we explore as hotel interior designers, and throughout our partnership with you. 

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The expectations set for today’s hotels are constantly changing in the wake of a new generation of consumer expectations and needs. Design is crucial to facilitating these needs and the kind of cohesive brand experience that transforms hotels into market leaders and household names, and unforgettable guest experiences. Our team of hotel interior designers is based in London but operates globally. So, if you’d like to collaborate on a project, we’d love to hear from you.