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Discover our café interior design projects with unique style concepts and experimental, dream-like spaces.

Full of natural delight, café’s have a great opportunity to redefine their interiors with truly unique concepts that explore brand individualism and creativity. As a café interior design agency, we consider brand missions, identity, and target audience when developing design concepts. We focus on functionality, service, customer and staff journeys to create unforgettable and truly unique designs for all our clients in the café and F&B space. 

We have worked on a range of award-winning café concepts, dream-like, cutting-edge designs informed by the latest trends and innovations in F&B and all that’s in between, including projects such as Bread Lab, Milk Train, Dyce, Natural Vitality and Pawsitive. Creating innovative café designs for emerging brands and independent venues is particularly important to introduce their individual style and unique brand to the world amongst a competitive industry, whilst appealing to the digital shareability needs of modern cafes, restaurants and bars.

Some of Our Best Loved Café Projects

Surreal Ice Cream Parlour Design London

Milk Train

In our increasingly digital world, the success of cafes is becoming more and more rooted in an overall guest experience rather than one specific offering. Immersive cafe interior designs elevate the cafe experience into one that is both memorable and shareable. 

We set out to create a cafe layout that translated the joy, magic and nostalgia of ice cream into the brand’s first permanent space through train station iconography and a conceptual ceiling mimicking the train’s ‘steam’. The result was a multi-award-winning space that remained true to Milk Train’s dreamy branding that was the perfect environment for social media.


With the likes of TikTok and Instagram fueling the rise and popularity of dessert parlours, the design of Marylebone’s Dyce needed to be the perfect hotspot for playful interaction, increasing their social media presence and influencer-oriented clientele.

Our surreal, contemporary design included sensory illusions of melting ice cream and bubbles amongst a pink colour theme with complimentary accents of blue. The result was playful, surreal and the perfect environment for digital content.

“We’ve had feedback that Formroom’s design for us elevated the standards of retail spaces in the country.”

Andrea Pinto, Natural Vitality

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