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As a leading brand design agency, we have developed brand communication and brand identity design strategies for a wide range of companies. We’re based in London but operate almost everywhere.

Brand communication is the essence of a branding strategy. It’s the method by which we connect your audience to your brand through logos, typography, tone of voice, graphic design and everything in between. The most successful brand communication doesn’t feel like brand communication at all. It’s moments on social media, in brand collateral, video, and on your website that spark moments of emotional response and connection.

Explore what goes into our brand communications services below.

What goes into our brand design services?

In order to communicate a brand effectively, we first need to establish what that brand is. Our brand design agency services establish or re-imagine who your brand is, your values, your mission, and your brand personality. This informs our entire design strategy, how to communicate those values with the most impact, and how to position your brand as a true outlier. Logos, typography, colour palettes and tone of voice are the core assets that represent your brand identity, so a strong foundation is essential to building long-lasting relationships with customers. We build brands that engage, intimately informed by relevant cultural research and analysis. So, how do we do it?

Brand Identity

Establishing or re-imagining who your brand is, establishing the WHY. Logos, typography, colour palettes and tone of voice – all the good stuff.

Visual design elements such as brand marks, photography style and typography are crucial considerations for us as a brand experience agency, laying the foundations for a cohesive look and feel that will differentiate your brand from competitors.


Graphic Design & Assets

Applying your brand to everything you need to express it, including packaging, print and merch.

Brand artwork should be impactful in its own right. Whether it’s the logo on your website, the pattern in your packaging or the signage on your storefront artwork and graphic assets need to harness and amplify your brand identity design.


Visual Guidelines

How to present, (and not present) visual assets to establish consistency for your brand, including website and social media guidelines.

An effective brand strategy considers every touch point of your business’s social media, website, print and anything else. Spanning all these different mediums means consistency is key to constructing a strong and memorable brand. As your brand experience agency, we will work with you to create visual guidelines for your brand, ensuring each touchpoint is aligned in communicating your brand, giving you a consistent presence across every campaign.



The practical files required to produce your brand assets.

In essence, a set of technical documents that will show how to create the design exactly as it’s intended. This helps ensure that the final product looks great and meets all the quality standards you’re expecting. It provides clear guidelines that reduce the risk of errors or misunderstandings during production.


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