Formroom has partnered with Norwegian luxury headwear and lifestyle brand Varsity, to design and deliver their global retail design blueprint.



Mission & Branding.

Varsity is the leading global ‘Cap Specialist’, a brand which focuses on the highest levels of craftmanship, quality and sustainability across everything they do. These values needed to be reflected in a retail environment which prioritise functionality and understated yet confident ‘quiet’ luxury.


From their birthplace in Oslo in 2013, the brand has steadily expanded across the globe and can now be found in Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Kuwait City, with further pop ups in the USA and across Europe. In order to deliver their next retail design evolution, they partnered with Formroom to conceive a flexible and adaptable retail design blueprint which can be used to inspire and regulate their expanding global brand presence.


The distinctive Varsity green is utilised across facade, wall treatments and key graphic touchpoints. This is balanced across a more neutral material palette of lightened birch ply and stainless steel, which is represented across the window display, product glorifiers and service counters. Product benefits are displayed via a range of POS and signage elements that seamlessly integrate within the wider retail store design.

exterior store


There is a focus on core functionality within the space, to mirror the brand’s ethos of high quality minimalism. Colour and materiality is highly considered and used confidently throughout, providing a backdrop for the product to take centre focus. The space is highly adaptable, to allow for a flexible retail display system which highlights the design and functionality of the product.


There is a range of hidden storage solutions throughout the space, to maximise operational efficiency alongside maintaining a clean aesthetic. Mirror and semi-reflective surfaces are used throughout to better showcase and highight the core product range. Integrated lighting design elements provide directional illumination whilst also working in harmony with the range of service textures to provide visual interest across the relatively neutral store design elements.


This is partnered with the more textured and grounding material choices of polished plaster and untreated wood, to deliver a concept which is both highly contemporary but with a warmth and approachability which the brand itself embodies.

As part of the ethos of premium service and sustainability, the store provides space and resource to educate the customer in product care and maintenance, including a flexible bespoke cap cleaning station.

Formroom continue to partner with Varsity to adapt, evolve and deliver their retail design blueprint across multiple stores and pop up sites, within Europe and the Middle East.