We worked with Three to offer an optimistic view of a 5G-powered future in its biggest brand campaign to date.

The concept seeks to cement Three as the market leader in 5G and offers a fun antidote to negative headlines and bleak forecasts of the UK’s future.

As Three’s ongoing partner, FormRoom designed a series of window activations and instore schemes to support the campaign film launched in February.

The campaign is an evolution of Three’s ‘Phones Are Good’ proposition, which helped launch the rollout of Three’s 5G service across the UK and takes on the phone cynics by reimagining pivotal moments in history if phones had been available.


With a focus on the futuristic cityscape, the design gives a taste of an exciting and connected world powered by the technology, incorporating Three’s partner logos throughout.

Keeping to the brand campaign, the bold scheme demonstrates Three’s fun and relatable personality, whilst transporting passers-by into a vibrant 5G world of endless possibilities. From drone pizza delivery to holographic billboards for partners of Three such as Samsung and Tinder.

A 3D wormhole mirror installation acts as a portal into this world while creating maximum visibility and visual interest. An AV screen in the centre of the wormhole, enhances the spiralling effect of the display.

“The display transports passers-by into a vibrant 5G world of endless possibilities.”