One of our more unique projects, The Social Pup is a one-stop-shop dog destination located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that caters to the growing demand for pet-centric days out.



We were invited to create interiors for The Social Pup, a 360 destination for dogs and owners. The dog-friendly design and one-of-a-kind space had both large inside and outside play and relaxation areas, required premium finishes and had to be designed with all-important convenience and cleanliness in mind.


The Social Pup design features a range of amenities for both humans and dogs, including a park, play centre, gift shop, cafe, grooming salon, dog boarding facility, and a vet clinic. The design takes inspiration from aspirational retail and hospitality projects, while maintaining a colorful, fun environment that encourages sociability for all. A continuation of sleek grey concrete, paired with splashes of color and unexpected retail units sets The Social Pup apart from the typical when it comes to dog-friendly design.


With a focus on shareable colours and memorable moments, The Social Pup provides a 360 experience for humans and their furry friends. From playtime, to grooming and shopping, this dynamic destination levels up expectations from dog-friendly to dog-centric.



Alongside the interiors, we also developed a brand identity for The Social Pup, The focus for which was to establish a unique brand that conveyed a sense of modernity, playfulness, and approachability.

To achieve this, we designed bespoke graphic assets, experimenting with light and bright colors. The use of silhouettes of different dog breeds was purposeful, demonstrating that The Social Pup is a place where dogs of all types are welcomed and encouraged to socialize.

We ensured that the brand was adaptable across a wide range of assets, including both physical assets such as coffee cups and across digital platforms. Our goal was to establish a recognizable brand that could be quickly identified by dog owners, and communicated that The Social Pup is a dog-centric brand from the inside out.