House of Creed’s ‘Spring Flower’ is an unapologetic celebration of femininity, inspired by a quintessential English garden in full bloom.



The House of Creed wanted to extend their spring flower campaign into the physical world, creating a beautifully romantic display that is blooming in stores across Paris to London. The perfume is a fusion of punchy florals, combined with delicate notes of peach and blossom, designed to immerse and transport.




Whimsical, sensory, and organic, the essence of ‘Spring Flower,’ is captured through a concept centred around handmade paper flowers. Each flower is meticulously crafted, honouring the delicacy and individual beauty of the blooms found within the perfume. Just as each flower in the fragrance is carefully selected and curated, these handmade flowers mirror the intricate craftsmanship that goes into the House of Creed’s perfume making process.

Paying homage to the House of Creed’s signature contemporary twist, neon light that echoes the shape of the perfume bottle is incorporated into the display. Bordered with a hit of vibrant pink, the light subtly infuses the delicate charm of the flowers with a punchy and modern undertone. Curling wooden hazel branches allow for different flower heights, with product displayed at the centre of open flowers, spotlighting the fragrance without disrupting the naturalism of the display. Custom coloured moss is used throughout the installs, providing a versatile landscaping element which has been used across  a range of applications including department stores, promotional displays and interior niches.



The ‘Spring Flower’ concept can be experienced at their flagship London location on Regent Street, and Mount Street Boutique, as well as across The House of Creed’s Paris locations. As always, careful attention was paid to the existing store architecture, ensuring the campaign seamlessly integrates into each location to keep the House of Creed world truly seamless.

By bringing the fragrance to life in physical spaces, our concept serves as an extension of The House of Creed’s multi-platform campaign, ensuring a cohesive and engaging brand experience across all touchpoints.

All concept design, installation and production completed by Formroom.

Photography by Kristen Pellou.