Formroom collaborated with Nike for the global launch of the RED campaign ‘Lace Up Save Lives’, featuring a whole store takeover of Nike Town Oxford Circus.


The mission was to create an immersive in-store experience, across all interiors and windows at Nike Town Oxford Circus, that would inspire and engage customers and highlight the importance of the cause. The project aimed to elevate Nike store design expectations across the Nike Town landscape.




To achieve this, Formroom worked closely with Nike Town and BONO, taking over all interiors of each floor of the iconic Nike Town Oxford Circus. Formroom built several large in-store installations, produced all windows, and designed an entrance graphic of Didier Drogba printed onto Kapa board with vinyl decal logos. The 3D cat’s cradle football was made in a steel structure and concealed by red shoelaces, with the base platform cladded in 5mm foamex wrapped in red vinyl.

One of the most striking in-store displays of this Nike store design was the Bootroom entrance installation, constructed from MDF clad with horizontal bands of red laces. Alternate rows of 3D shoelaces were threaded through the faux leather back panel to form the shape of Africa and ‘Lace Up, Save Lives’ text. Formroom also installed white trussing in the Townsquare area to suspend Polaroids on red shoelaces, with a series of white flat metal bars suspended from the trussing, from which the shoelaces are attached to. Three plinths are in the central area displaying items wrapped in shoelaces.


Formroom’s collaboration with Nike resulted in a stunning in-store experience that captured the essence of the RED campaign ‘Lace Up Save Lives’. The installation brought attention to the cause and helped to raise awareness for the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. The scheme won the RVM ‘Best In-Store Branding’ award.



“It is by far the best marketing launch that we have done in Nike Town London – I would even say globally across all Nike Town’s.”

–  Sharon Beagrie, Nike