We worked with fast fashion empire Missguided to design their dream first permanent store.


For their first-ever permanent retail space, bold and rebellious fast fashion empire, Missguided approached Formroom to deliver sensational, creative social experiences.


Our design process began with extensive market research and customer insight into the online and offline experiences of Millennial fast fashion. Delving into online competitors and brick-and-mortar market leaders that Missguided were about to disrupt, we looked for that point of difference to the experience the Missguided store could provide its customers with.

Working closely with the client, we adopted the hyper-connected mindset of their customer, sharing inspiration through Pinterest and developing a myriad of concepts. Amongst our many concepts were a ‘Unicorn Tears’ vending machine, oversized flamingo mannequin plinths, hashtag props, and iced doughnut tyres, amongst many other concept features. This destination store is a true trailblazer and physical manifestation of the Missguided spirit at every turn.

We designed and produced a fully fitted gigantic pink monster truck bedecked in jewels, pink leather, lighting, and chromed features. As the focal point in the store’s entrance, we surrounded the 3-meters tall, eye-catching display with oversized doughnut tyres dripping with icing and sprinkles. Pink Missguided dollar bills were hung from above, falling from a money gun to complete the decadent scene.

The impactful scheme of shareable moments continues throughout the Westfield Stratford store with our bespoke vending machine dispensing ‘Unicorn Dreams’, oversized pink and chrome flamingos, bespoke hashtags and more. We designed and manufactured each element in-house through close collaboration with the client.


A multi-sensory experience full of impactful installations, exuding the brand’s personality and a deep understanding of its loyal customer. The store is exactly what its customers desire – a ready-made social media post whilst you shop.

“It has been a pleasure to be in this project together. The whole team are absolutely fantastic and are some of the most talented and creative people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Treasure Evans, Missguided