FormRoom harnessed the iconic Anglo-Turkish relationship with a Victorian-Moorish interior for London barber’s Jack the Clipper.

Tasked with creating the new design blueprint of the Jack the Clipper store, FormRoom’s challenge was to ensure that the concept felt luxurious and original; whilst invoking the story of Jack the Clipper in a contemporary and authentic way.

The rich narrative of the Jack the Clipper brand allowed our design team to bring several exciting visual cues into the store concept.

Design & Manufacture

FormRoom harnessed the iconic Anglo-Turkish relationship with a Victorian-Moorish interior. We designed and produced eclectic lighting features that seemingly emerge straight from the antique brass piping.

Rustic fixtures are cast over windows, walls and ceiling, emulating design of the Victorian era. Cabinets and shelving are carved from antique shoe lasts for a further nod to the site’s history.

Bespoke distressed mirrors aged and cracked create a unique twist on the traditional barbershop setup. Walls are decorated with traditional barbering tools including scissors; but arranged in sequence or sprayed in dark tones to create conceptual art pieces.

The store elicits a playful satire, ode to the brutal killings of Jack the Ripper. The herringbone red and white tiles in the kitchen communicate ominous tones of Jack’s macabre.

The venue is dressed with exclusively commissioned artwork, portraits, murals, and selected prop elements; all designed and built by our in-house team. FormRoom also created a dedicated area within the space, titled ‘Jack’s Hall of Fame’, adding a layer of theatre to the customer experience