Goconut by Genuine Coconut


Genuine Coconut, a trailblazer in coconut products across the globe, invited Formroom to develop full branding and a design blueprint for the first Goconut Café.

Formroom created a space that embodies the core brand pillars of vitality, authenticity, approachability, and fun. The result: A café that seamlessly blends on-the-go convenience with impactful interiors – all cantered around the star of the show: the coconut. The concept blends Genuine Coconut‘s fresh and flavourful world, with an on-the-go experience.


The logo’s irregular forms and Gen-Z-friendly typeface capture the brand’s attitude of fun and vibrancy, highlighted by a playful ‘splash’ shape referencing a hydrating hit of coconut water.

The ‘play’ button within the ‘O’ signifies GOCONUT’s on-the-go spirit. We produced brand assets from product wraps to staff uniforms, ensuring a cohesive brand experience in every encounter.


The interiors are a nod to the organic colours and textures of coconut husks, with terracotta, terrazzo, and plaster being key materials.

The colour palette of greens and shades of natural beiges combines with eco-friendly materials that take a modest centre stage, such as the central counter specced from polygood – a sustainable material made from recycled plastic shards.

Subtly engineered for social media and shareability, while feeling warm and approachable in person, the interior features integrated illumination and bright blue piping that winds around the ceiling, punctuated with coconut-sized balls of light. Consistent shapes and colours echo through both the interiors and branding, establishing the groundwork for a cohesive brand world that translates seamlessly between mediums. The exterior is just as distinctive from the outside – ‘Bus stop’ and low-relief blue signage add a playful touch against the local architecture, without feeling discordant.


The Madrid store is the first of a multi site rollout, with our blueprint design being adapted to each new location.