Formroom was asked to work alongside the renowned department store Fortnum & Mason to create a series of seasonal window displays.


Our project oversaw the design of 4 seasonal windows as part of a series of Autumn displays linking to the changing of seasons. Each window was intended to symbolise liminality, materiality and the atmospheric change that comes with the shifting seasons and the passing of time.


This project entailed a largely complex brief which was conceptual in nature and included many creative elements. Alongside this, we needed to consider strict production timelines whilst maintaining an authentic replication of the client’s visions. With an oil painting that transitions from the artistic realm to the physical, a crystal chandelier condensing into a pool of liquid, and a 3m tall tree breaking through the walls and floor of the storefront, this project had demanding technical production requirements combined with a level of artistic sensitivity and execution level fit for one of London’s most prestigious retailers.


The result of our engagement was a unique series of window installations which were closely aligned with Fortnum & Mason’s brief and overall brand values. The windows boasted unique qualities, provoking thought and consideration whilst being viewed, alluding to the passing of time and the transition between the seasons.