DLSB asked us to work on repositioning their brand as a market outlier and creating a stronger connection with their customer.

Formroom was asked to reposition and evolve the DLSB brand to stand out in their market and form a stronger connection with their target consumer. We used a multitude of research angles to gain a comprehensive insight on the brand including intricate market research, experience mapping, consumer insight and forecasting for the future.

Insight & Strategy

We started by analysing the current DLSB brand and identified inconsistencies and key points for development. There was a lack of distinct and consistent branding across platforms, and no real differentiation from competitors. We also analysed competitor offerings in depth, including website presentation, graphic devices and brand personalities. We then created customer profiles and analysed customer journey to the DLSB brand, in order to understand how to best optimise this journey. As a final step in our insights journey, we identified and built core brand pillars and analysed how the brand assets could support these.


Once we had concluded the research stage, we worked with our designers to output this message visually in all facets of the brand. Building on the pillars of empowering, outspoken, striking and real, we developed a range of bold brand assets from logotypes, to packaging applications and social feeds. We additionally developed comprehensive style guides, photography guidelines and even tone of voice examples to use as a reference for customer communications.

“DLSB aims to be bold, empowered, and relatable¬† to the modern woman while standing out in a crowded market.”