We created a showstopping, abstract perfume retail display for luxury fragrance house Creed for locations across London and Paris.



Formroom was tasked with creating a versatile, impactful and opulent perfume retail display for luxury perfume house, Creed. The design needed to feel fresh and contemporary without undermining the brands heritage identity and seamlessly spotlight key campaign storytelling moments.


Inspired by shards of ice and fresh springs of flowing water, the display combines illumination, reflection, abstraction and geometry paired with regally opulent motifs such as oversized hammered gold crowns and stacks of plush velvet cushions in shades of blue.

Using illuminated 3D shards which travel from the shop exterior through the glass to the interior window, the design seamlessly combines product display with impactful perfume window design, while theatrically drawing the viewer into the Creed world. The process to produce the vinyl detailing covering each shard required multiple rounds of testing and in order to achieve the perfect balance of color, reflection and iridescence in the display.

By merging contemporary and traditional materials, the window display compliments some of the brands more traditional store locations, without feeling discordant with the existing architecture and the brands heritage roots.  Seamlessly incorporating plinths and leveling within the design allowed the opportunity to spotlight key props and product.


Bold, festive and striking Formroom’s concept for silver mountain water is installed at Creed Mount Street Boutique, across Creed’s Paris stores, and at London’s Regent Street flagship, joining Formroom’s extensive roster of  window display projects and design impact in the world of creative perfume retail displays.