Our mechanically inspired pop-up designs for Costa coffee encapsulate the brand story for maximum impact, even in a small space.


We were asked to imagine a series of pop-up designs for Costa Coffee that would effectively communicate their key brand values, capture the essence of the crafting process, and introduce the brand to new markets. Our mission was to create an environment that would showcase the brand’s focus on craftsmanship and celebrate the Costa legacy, all while providing customers with a unique and memorable experience while visiting this unique coffee shop pop-up concept.



To achieve this mission, our team delved deep into the history of Costa, and drew inspiration from the story of the three Costa brothers who came from Italy to the UK to share their passion for coffee. We wanted to convey their meticulous approach to coffee crafting and their quest for the “golden bean,” which is the finest quality coffee bean used to create the rich and aromatic blends that Costa coffee is known for.

To showcase this, we incorporated elements of industrial design, which is characterized by the whimsical use of mechanical elements and brass detailing. This allowed us to highlight the mechanics of coffee crafting and create a playful and adventurous atmosphere, with a touch of eccentrisism. We exaggered the iconic Costa Coffee Cup “waffle” texture, turning the drips from the portafter into a moving light installation.

When it came to materials, we suggested CLT for the frame (cross laminated timber), recycled plastics (Polygood) for the counter tops and Richlite (recycled paper) for the iconic waffle texture.

This close attention to every detail and texture, from the rich colors and brass detailing to the signage that references the rich brand history, makes for maximum impact even in a small space.


Our approach was centered around creating a warm and inviting environment for customers, which would invite new markets to explore the world of Costa Coffee, and appreciate the artistry involved in creating a great cup.

We wanted our designs to represent the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, while also providing a memorable, compact physical representation of  the brand story for this unique coffee shop pop-up concept.