In collaboration with iconic luxury wallpaper brand Cole & Son, we created an Andalusian-inspired showroom to debut the brands new ‘Seville’ collection.

Located in the Parisian district of Rue de Seine, the vibrant pop-up took inspiration from architecture, music, flora and culture, transporting visitors from the streets of Paris to the sun-drenched, poetic gardens of Southern Spain for Paris deco off 2020.

“Every visitor is immersed with heritage and escapism to the Italian renaissance”

Design & Manufacture

Our production team created distressed woodwork, symbolising Seville’s artisanal heritage. Applying aging techniques and skilled joinery to add to the rustic charm of the Andalusian space.

We built a water fountain using MDF and stoned plaster to execute a provincial feature fit for a seated photo opportunity and place where visitors could watch the live performances on stage.

An impression of a traditional Spanish-style stairway was achieved with Moroccan plaster to mimic the texture and capture the warmth of Spanish exteriors