In collaboration with iconic luxury wallpaper brand Cole & Son, we created an Andalusian-inspired showroom to debut the brand’s new ‘Seville’ collection.


Nestled in the heart of Rue de Seine, Paris, Cole & Son‘s dynamic pop-up is an embodiment of inspiration drawn from Andalusian architecture. Cole & Son wanted to create a memorable, nostalgic journey that transcends the streets of Paris and transports you to the sun-drenched, poetic gardens of Southern Spain, exclusively for Paris Deco Off 2020.


Our dedicated production team embarked on a mission to recreate the essence of Seville’s artisanal heritage within this Andalusian-inspired space. We installed  meticulously fashioned distressed woodwork, employing expert aging techniques and intricate joinery to infuse the atmosphere with rustic charm.

At the centre of the installation,  a water fountain carefully crafted using a blend of MDF and stoned plaster. This provincial detail offers a moment of  tranquility, and a picturesque backdrop for seated photo moments and an ideal vantage point to immerse yourself in the captivating live performances taking place on the stage.

The impression of an authentic Spanish-style stairway by covering the space with Moroccan plaster, adding depth and authenticity reminiscent of the architectural charm found in the streets of Southern Spain.


“Every visitor is immersed with heritage and escapism to the Italian renaissance”


Our concept for Cole & Son’s pop-up offers a comprehensive 360° brand and lifestyle experience, capturing the essence and warmth of Spanish exteriors. Through this immersive encounter, customers can connect with the brand and products in an engaging, aspirational way. The carefully curated environment allows visitors to explore and appreciate the beauty of the product, in a domestic yet evocative setting.