The boundary-breaking, street wear brand A-COLD-WALL* commissioned FormRoom to manufacture and install concessions at both Harrods and Selfridges.


A curated product of British street culture, born out of the respected fields of expression, A-COLD-WALL*‘s brief called for Formroom to create an art installation to anchor the collection and brand, celebrating ACW’s move towards industrial retail design for luxury fashion – a move made before Balenciaga rolled out increasingly minimal and industrial design practices across their retail spaces globally.

Samuel Ross, the designer behind A-COLD-WALL*, explores fresh ground in the graphics-heavy world of streetwear. The London label turns traditionally utilitarian fabrics and silhouettes into street-chic ready-to-wear set against artistic installations.

A-COLD-WALL Luxury Fashion Industrial Interior Design
A-COLD-WALL Luxury Fashion Industrial Interior Design


Minimal and muted, we used corrugated metal, metal mesh, bespoke railing systems and skeleton frames to amplify the impact of pieces on display in a bold expression of the industrial retail design being used for the luxury fashion display.

We wanted the design to be equal parts industrial and luxe – minimal enough to honour the clothes with the space they deserve and innovative enough display mechanisms to echo the experimental nature of ACW’s brand identity. All elements of the retail units were designed for durability, versatility, and scalability for future concessions and roll out.


The retail space we designed is an anthem to street culture, a perfect mix of minimalism and experimentation. This is also something seamlessly represented in ACW’s collections, creating a well-rounded customer experience. Formroom will move forward as ACW’s ongoing partner for installations globally.


“Both the collection and retail space are an anthem to street culture, a perfect mix of minimalism and experimentation.”