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Discover our Café design projects which explore unique style concepts and experimental, dream-like spaces. We are café interior designers based in London, but work globally.

Full of natural delight, café’s have a great opportunity to redefine their interiors with truly unique concepts that explore brand individualism and creativity. As a café interior design agency, we consider brand missions, identity, and target audience when developing design concepts. We focus on functionality, service, customer and staff journeys to create unforgettable and truly unique designs for all our clients in the café and F&B space. 

We have worked on a range of award-winning café concepts, dream-like, cutting-edge designs informed by the latest trends and innovations in F&B and all that’s in between, including projects such as Bread Lab, Milk Train, Dyce, Natural Vitality and Pawsitive.

Creating innovative café designs for emerging brands and independent venues is particularly important to introduce their individual style and unique brand to the world amongst a competitive industry, whilst combining digital shareability appeal and IRL experience.

Milk Train

Café design to delight and surprise.

Working with global brands to independent and boutique cafe’s – we pride ourselves on delivering unique design and strategy, whatever the brand.

From surreal, dream like spaces, to the super-shareable, pet friendly and ultra sleek our design and production experience across hospitality and F&B allows us to create memorable, impactful café environments. Our award winning designs have made us a go-to agency for Café design across London and beyond.

You can explore some of our best loved café design projects below.

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We are experienced F&B, hospitality and café interior designers based in London, but work globally.

Our services span branding, insight and strategy, design and production and offer bespoke packages for whatever your needs are.