Breaking the Mold of Dubai Interior Design: Myriam K Salon

Myriam K, a Parisian-born, female-owned hair salon, approached Formroom to design their new salon location in the heart of Dubai. The aim was to create a space that catered to the demanding and fashion-forward clientele of Dubai while breaking away from the traditional salon Dubai interior design styles commonly found in the city.

Understanding the Dubai Salon Scene:

Before diving into the design process, Formroom conducted extensive research to understand the target consumers and analyze competing salons in Dubai. Traditional salon interior design styles in the city often adhere to a predictable ‘luxe’ aesthetic. Formroom recognized the opportunity to challenge this norm and create an interior that would set Myriam K apart from its competitors, attracting the attention of an ever expanding target demographic of luxury seeking, fashion forward clients.

Interior Design companies in Dubai often opt for a opulent, Luxe and more traditionally led aesthetic.

Creating a Sensory Playground:

To achieve the desired effect, Formroom devised a floorplan that integrated various unique features while ensuring visual impact from every angle. The design incorporated a DJ booth, beverage bar, hair extension display wall, mani/pedi chairs, and a photobooth moment. However, it was crucial to keep the treatment areas discreetly hidden from the front of the shop to accommodate the modesty preferences of some customers.

Diverging from Traditional Dubai Interior Design Company Aesthetics:

Formroom embraced a challenger palette of pinks and greens, combining them with trendy materials like terrazzo, mosaic tiling, illuminated arches, and ribbing. The result is a sensory playground of feminine fun and 360 beauty destination. The design utilized screening made from opalescent ombre sheets to divide service areas, maintaining an airy and fresh ambiance. Neon lights, illuminated mirrors, and minty fresh and baby pink pastel seating punctuate the dreamy space with light and colour.

Catering to the Digital World:

Recognizing the importance of the digital world, Formroom integrated elements that would appeal to digital creators and influencers. The salon’s design offers countless photo opportunities, ensuring recognizability on social media platforms. By incorporating an NFT bar, Formroom truly embraced the future of beauty, making Myriam K a pioneer in merging technology and art within a salon environment.

Preserving ‘Savoir-faire’:

While Myriam K embraces the digital world, it remains loyal to the French sense of ‘Savoir-faire’—a commitment to doing things properly. The salon is not just a salon but a bold and unforgettable space that provides empowerment, exploration, celebration, and escape. Myriam K breaks the mold by creating a safe haven where clients can indulge in a unique beauty experience while being dreamy, immersive and escapist environment.

The Myriam K salon interior design project was an exciting challenge when it came to reimagining traditional Dubai interior design norms. By conducting thorough research, understanding the target audience, and analyzing the competition, Formroom created a one-of-a-kind space that captivates the senses and caters to the digital age. With its bold aesthetic, service first and modest aware layout, we ensured Myriam K would stand out as a symbol of innovation and creativity in the Dubai salon-verse.

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