Beauty Trends You Need to Know About in 2024

Beauty in 2024 is more unique than ever before.

From lightning fast trend-cycles powered by social media to emerging challenger brands, cult communities and ever more immersive retail experiences, it’s already been a wild ride.

Let’s dive into some of the trends defining the beauty landscape in 2024:

1.Character cosplay & the age of aesthetics


Are you a cleangirl, an office siren, or a mob wife today? The dizzying speed of trend cycles, curated online identities and the widespread influence of film, TV and pop culture moments means we’re embracing character roles more than ever, with the beauty routines to match. We’re not just sticking to one look – we’re experimenting with different styles and beauty routines to match our ever-changing identities (or should we say aesthetics).

2. Skincare mania & anti-aging fixation


Baby botox, ‘glass skin’, Korean skincare and the dysmorphic effects of aging and smoothing filters have the beauty community in a chokehold in the digitally fuelled struggle for eternal youth.

3. A new era for male beauty

Death to the 15-in-1 shampoo, male and genderless beauty is increasingly getting the spotlight and innovation it deserves with the rise of breakout brands like Obayaty and Topicals, and the setting of new standards.

What about physical spaces?

Beauty X Wellness

Hybrid beauty pop-ups like Dr. Barbara Sturm’s ‘Pause’ is a holistic wellness experience that lets visitors fully immerse in the brand’s philosophy and adjacent interests, like health and wellness, while exploring product.

360° Destinations

Trying and buying beauty products in one spot is a win. La Prairie’s Cobalt House pop-up offers treatments, a café, and a discovery bar all in one sleek space.

Sensory Play

Glossier’s ‘Realms of You’ pop-up blends the senses to delve into product and brand philosophy. Light, sound and installation combine for an experience that is both immersive and stylish.

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