5 Unique Window Displays Designed to Inspire

At the forefront of inspiring and unique window displays for retail, these brands are setting pace against traditional designs and offering up the creative, disruptive and little bit wacky.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, brands are seeking to do more than simply displaying well-dressed mannequins. Instead, the forward-thinkers are erecting worlds of imagination and inspiration, and all the while capturing our desire to be a part of their universe.


The market is simply too competitive, and consumers need to be entertained and engaged more than ever. The brands who are not evolving with their customers are simply being left behind. They need to touch their market on another level, trigger emotions, build connections and create a sense of brand love.

David Roberts – Managing Director, FormRoom

Shop Window Displays—Our Top Picks

We take a look at the best window display—from the next generation of visual storytellers who challenge our senses through a wonderland of colour, shapes and unique designs.

LED Window Displays: Lululemon

As part of lululemon’s global run campaign—Every Run Has A Reason—creative agency Lucky Fox produced a bespoke 3D interpretation of London for the brand’s flagship store on Regent St. Coinciding with the London Marathon, the meticulously designed LED window installation features London’s iconic landmarks.

From the London Eye, The Shard, Millennium Dome and many more locations, the model replicates a birds-eye view of the city with frosted blue LED to symbolise the River Thames and red LED to mirror the London marathon route.

Moving Shop Window Displays: Clarks

Keeping within the tempo of the Athletic Footwear industry, Clarks produced a stunning motion window display. Produced by Harlequin Design, the window scheme features suspended individual Trigenic shoes, each one programmed to move in a perfect wave sequence.

Woodland Window Display: Hermès

In what can only be described as a paper woodland wonderland, Hermès unveiled ‘Forest Folks’ window display for their store opening in Dubai. Hermès commissioned French artists—Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann—who were inspired by nature and traditional folklore to craft the enchanting forest. The windows depict alien botanical life, neon tall mushrooms and little enchanting homes that mimic spaceships.

“Nature is surrounding us and never ceases to evolve since its beginning,” explains Lucie. “It defines the world we live in. Nature is linked to every living being, and every living being is linked to it. In this project, spectators have a sneak peek of the curious characters living inside this environment.

“This microscopic point of view, where plants and other vegetation reign as masters, is like a kind of picture, a flash, a precise instant in nature’s unrestrained run. Life is everywhere, flowers are growing… Mysterious people are evolving, building, and living right in the heart of the nature, revealing a fragment of their daily life.”

Window Display Lighting: Patrón

What’s a ‘top 5’ list without acknowledging our own talented people. Next up is an artistic light installation which embodies the spirit of Patrón Tequila by FormRoom.

Like a month to a flame, the mesmerising display looks to attract footfall through a beautiful Nebulae in the shape of the Patrón bottle, rotating and glittering in the night sky. Fitting with Selfridges ‘Constellation’ theme, the window scheme harks back to the beginning of time. Individual lights are suspended and wired into a central software system to manipulate the sequence and visually project an ethereal glow.

Fashion Week Window Display: Zara

Every year, London Fashion Week descends upon the city and with that an array of lavish and unique window displays—each competing to stand-out and showcase a glimpse into what we’ll be wearing next season.

Clothing brand, Zara invited design studio Rotganzen to collaborate on the window display of four flagship stores in London, Milan, Tokyo and Paris.

In conjunction with the retailer’s ‘disco forest’ autumn winter campaign, the studio drew on quelle fête disco balls as the central theme. Each window featured sculptural forms and enlarged perspectives of the glitter studded objects in varying versions across each flagship store.